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From "Dean A. Hoover" <>
Subject Re: ant emulation of "Upload a WAR file to install"
Date Mon, 23 Feb 2004 15:28:48 GMT
Thanks. I'll give that a try... when does tomcat notice
the war file?

Adam Hardy wrote:

> On 02/23/2004 03:04 PM Dean A. Hoover wrote:
>> I am using ant 1.6 and tomcat 4.1.29.
>> I have set my webapps directory to someplace
>> other than the usual place. When I use
>> the /manager/html/list application through
>> my browser, I can use the "Upload a WAR file to install"
>> form to put my war file in the webapps directory,
>> unpack it and run it. This is exactly the behavior
>> I would like to emulate in ant, but I do not see
>> how. I have played around with the "install" and
>> "deploy" tasks, but they do not operate the same
>> as the upload form does. How can I do what the
>> form does using ant?
> You just need ant to copy the war into your APPBASE directory. Then 
> tomcat will do the rest, assuming that your host (in server.xml) is 
> configured to autoDeploy="true" and unpackWARs="true".
> Adam

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