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From Antonio Fiol Bonnín <>
Subject Re: Réf. : Re: Very Very Slow performance of Tomcat
Date Wed, 18 Feb 2004 21:08:05 GMT wrote:

>I'm facing to the same performance problems with Tomcat.
>My the maxProcessor value is equal to 75 while
>the Apache's MaxClients is equals to 150.
>the MaxKeepAliveRequests of apache is equal to 100
>Do you understand the relationship between theses attributes ?

MaxClients is the maximum number of Apache processes you can have.

Each Apache process "connects" to a processor in Tomcat. Make your own 
calculations ;-)

MaxKeepAliveRequests is something completely unrelated, as far as it is 
not below the average number of components (images, ...) of your pages. 
It's the max number of requests an Apache process will serve to you 
before closing the HTTP connection. My advice: Don't play too much with 
it, unless you have very high loads and really need to.  ;-)

netstat -n --tcp | grep SYN_RECV
on tomcat side while you are having the performance problems / apparent 

If there are more than 3 connections in that state, you may be suffering 
from lack of processors.
Try raising maxProcessors to 150 if it is the case. (Or lowering 
MaxClients to 75 if your load is very light)

Tip: Have you got a stateful inspection firewall in the middle? If so, 
raising maxProcessors may not be enough. Tell me and I'll explain more.

Antonio Fiol

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