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From Antonio Fiol Bonnín <>
Subject Re: Very Very Slow performance of Tomcat
Date Wed, 18 Feb 2004 20:58:29 GMT
wuhui wrote:

>	can you give us something test data such as throughput, Average response time etc. as
a reference ?

No. At least not something reliable.

Typical average load time for our apps is between 500ms and 1000ms,
depending on the pages. Light pages go as low as 200ms. With heavy
database queries, pages go up to 3000ms. I consider anything above that
figure to be worth worrying.

> including hw configuration and software configuration?
2x Apache 1.3 + 2x Tomcat 5.0.18 + 1x Oracle

Every "1x" means a separate machine running that software. Shared for
different apps.

Hardware ranges from 2-Pentium >2Ghz processors to a Sun V440 with 8 (?)
processors. Memory from 1 to 4Gb.

Our apps are not CPU- or memory- intensive anyway.

The only thing I can assure you is that if you do not ensure (at least)
you are not hitting what I mentioned, your performance will be horrible.
I learned that from experience :-( Horrible means more than 20 seconds
per request, if the request is served at all.


Antonio Fiol

>>Is maxProcessors lower than Apache's MaxClients?
>>Are you hitting the max. number of connections to your database?
>>When it goes slow, does it hang later?
>>Are you closing all your connections to the DB?

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