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From BAO RuiXian <>
Subject Re: jsp deployment-- Clarification of Invoker
Date Tue, 17 Feb 2004 01:28:51 GMT
Unable to check all the mails. But, glad to hear you and Doug together 
solved your problem.



Jerry Ford wrote:

> Well, that was certainly fun :)
> I have made it work, and I think I sort of know how.  Not *why* the 
> fix works, just *how* to get my app functional once again.
> And you are correct, Doug, in aiming me at the invoker servlet as the 
> culprit.
> The solution that worked for me is to remove the invoker 
> servlet-mapping element from my web app and map each servlet 
> individually.  (Though beware---all servlets must be defined before 
> any mapping elements are added to the web.xml file, or else the parser 
> will throw an exception.  Spent a good couple of hours or more 
> fighting that little firefight on the sidelines.)
> Don't understand why the presence of the invoker should foul up the 
> operation of the jsp, but when I removed it and got the 
> servlet/servlet-mapping order straight, suddenly the webapp worked, 
> including the jsp, and both using Tomcat by itself and going through 
> Apache.
> Thanks for all who helped.
> Jerry

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