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From Antonio Fiol BonnĂ­n <>
Subject Re: Tomcat very very slow when doing heavy XML processing
Date Sun, 15 Feb 2004 08:24:23 GMT
Try disabling name resolution (see previous posts, I can't remember how 
this is done), just in case.

How does your CPU perform? Is it idle all time, or completely busy?

Antonio Fiol

tom ly wrote:

>I've got Tomcat set up as the middle component passing heavy XML data between and client
and a backend and it is very very slow.  I've set a filter up to log the time it takes to
process a request and loadtest with JMeter using 10 threads.  Takes around 25,000ms to get
a response from looking at JMeter.  But when I look at the catalina logs, the times are not
too bad, 700-800ms/request to receive and process a request.  Seems like most of the problem
is with connection speed, not processing speed.  I've played around with my JAVA_OPTS and
have got it to improve a bit, but I'm always getting the really high response times.  Here
are my JAVA_OPTS = "-server -Xincgc -Xmx1024M -Xmx1024 -Xmn100M -Xss100M"  I'm using Sun SDK
1.4.1.  What else can I do to improve the performance?  What about using keepalive?
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