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From Josh Rehman <>
Subject Re: Multiple instances of Tomcat - why would you do it ?
Date Thu, 12 Feb 2004 01:40:52 GMT
If the instances talk to each other via RMI, it's likely that the 
original developers intended each instance to be run on a different box. 
They may have thought this would positively affect scalability.

It may also be that they partitioned the app such that each container 
has different priveledges and responsibilities, and therefore it made 
sense to seperate them and configure them seperately.

It may also be that the original developer was testing a theory and so 
did it that way.

It may also be that the developers were being paid per CPU.

It may also be that one of the architects was driven mad by alien space 
bats, and so designed this system to prepare himself for leaving this 

The last one seems most likely to me. However, I could be wrong, so I'd 
ask the original developer.

Derek Clarkson wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> 	I've just started a new job where I've been asked to be the tech
> lead on a project. The software originated from an external company who
> designed it to run on 3 instances of tomcat. There is an instance for
> the
> main applications for our customers, an instance for the admin section
> and
> another for secure transactions. All running on the same PC. These
> instances
> also communicate between each other in order to pass information from
> one to
> the other via RMI. 
> I've never worked on a mulit instance installation before and no-one
> here
> knows why it was done this way (it's not documented). Can you guys give
> me
> any thoughts on why a multi-instance might be setup like this ? What are
> the
> advantages over a single tomcat instance, etc ? 
> Essentially I'm trying to understand whether this was a good solution
> for
> our use. Understanding the sorts of reasons for doing it will help me to
> work out any possible future changes. 
> Ciao
> Derek.
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Josh Rehman

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