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From Josh Rehman <>
Subject Re: Best practice question: where to place project libraries
Date Wed, 11 Feb 2004 21:29:12 GMT
Justin Ruthenbeck wrote:
> Although I haven't personally ever needed functionality like this, 
> there's no argument it'd be useful in some situations.  Wanna implement 
> it for everyone?  ;)  Like John Holman mentioned, however, there will be 
> (practically insurmountable?) problems making the Tomcat container 
> classloader update with new libraries included in the app's WAR.  
> That'll get really messy really quick.

I'm advocating something more radical: *copy* libraries in said 
directories into the containers common and shared directories. Someone 
else mentioned that this would alter the environement for other webapps, 
which is an important drawback. Another drawback is the restart requirement.

But the fact remains that the developer should have some easy way to 
indicate to the deployer what dependancies need to be met esp WRT JNDI 
resources, and an easy (for the deployer) way to satisfy these 
dependancies. AFAIk there is no good way to do this. 
META-INF/context.xml does this in a small way, and it would be nice to 
generalize to libraries and drivers. I'm not yet in a position to do 
this development, although I might soon be.

Josh Rehman

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