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From Aadi Deshpande <>
Subject Re: tomcat and VM settings
Date Wed, 11 Feb 2004 20:19:13 GMT
Parker, Matt wrote:

>I'm wondering if anyone has done any tomcat benchmarking with different Hotspot VM settings.
Specifically, I'm wondering if -server or -d64 make noticeable differences on the Solaris
8 sparc platform. I have read Sun's documentation about what these settings are supposed to
do, but I haven't really seen anything talked about within the context of Tomcat or J2EE.
>Thanks in advance,
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In general, -server will make a huge difference for long running 
applications, since a lot of the internal optimizations ( such as how 
often to compile/recompile and how long to cache ) are turned on by the 
-server/-client switch.

On Solaris 8, you can get a little  more juice a lot of times by 
switching to the alternate libthread ( ) and using the 
1-1 model. ( This, i believe is the default on Solaris 9 )

There's a lot of options related to garbage collecting, leading one to 
the obvious conclusion that tuning the GC can provide boosts in 
performance.  There's a lot of good reading at 

I don't have any hard numbers, but we were able to do some very postive 
things, once we found the right information.


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