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From Flávio Castro <>
Subject Problem using JNI(loadLibrary), Servlet and Tomcat
Date Wed, 11 Feb 2004 14:43:57 GMT
I'm having a problem using servlets and maybe some of you can help me to 
figure out what's going on. Here's the deal: I have a servlet that loads 
a C library and uses some of these C native methods. In addition, I have 
some JSPs that invoke the routines contained in this servlet. My C 
application has some peculiarities: it can work either in a interactive 
way or in a non-interactive way. When I invoke it in the non-interactive 
way and provide it all the input needed, I have no problems at all. 
That's how it is working today. When I try to invoke my C application in 
a interactive way and try to establish a "conversation" between my C 
application and the JSPs, everything also seems to work fine. The 
nightmare begins when two or more users try to use this application in a 
interactive way at the same time. If I have two browsers working at the 
same time and accessing this application, the system just doesn't work 
correctly. It seems that since you begin to run the application from a 
browser, you can't run it again until the previous user has finished his 
work. From what I've talked with other people and from my experience, 
the only thing I could conclude is that Tomcat can't handle very well 
those "multi-task" operations. It seems that it throws a thread for each 
request that is made, but you have only one process in charge of the 
whole thing. I suppose that's why I'm having these problems. Does anyone 
have any idea of what it could be ? Have any of you noticed a similar 
problem before ? Could it be a tomcat configuration issue ? Some people 
suggested to use JavaBeans to solve this problem, have any of you tried 
this approach before ?

Thanks in advance.

Flávio Castro.

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