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From Josh Rehman <>
Subject Re: Best practice question: where to place project libraries
Date Wed, 11 Feb 2004 03:40:16 GMT
Justin Ruthenbeck wrote:
> I haven't used the META-INF/context.xml convention, so I'm not too 
> familiar with it.  Conceptually, it's questionable whether a webapp 
> should be able to modify container configuration ... even if it's just 
> configuration for that one app.  Practically it may be useful, but it's 
> a bluring of the lines of responsibility between the development and 
> deployment -- two things which really should be separate.

The question has been answered ("yes, a webapp can alter the 
container"), and yes, the container should be modifiable by the 
developer, but only under certain circumstances. I would not allow even 
the META-INF/context.xml convention on a production server, for example. 
However it's quite handy during development, and extending the 
convention would be handier still.

I am not aware of a way to prevent Tomcat from respecting the 
META-INF/context.xml convention, but if there was a way I'd expect it to 
be mentioned here:

And if it existed it could apply to deployment of shared libraries, too.

Josh Rehman

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