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From Josh Rehman <>
Subject Re: Best practice question: where to place project libraries
Date Wed, 11 Feb 2004 00:49:23 GMT

Justin Ruthenbeck wrote:
> As a general rule, strive to keep your webapp self-contained and 
> autonomous with only J2EE-standard dependencies (things like JNDI 
> objects that are configurable in every container).  Unless there's a 
> reason not to (JDBC drivers is one common one), package your own 
> dependent libraries with your app -- it frees you from versioning 
> problems (maintaining the correct library versions for your app over 
> time) and makes migration between containers much easier.

Thanks. You bring up an interesting aspect of container configuration: 
database drivers. It would be interesting to extend the 
META-INF/context.xml tomcat convention to include support for the 
installation of 3rd party libraries. E.g., libraries placed in 
META-INF/server/lib will be placed into the similiar tomcat directory on 
deployment. Same thing for common/lib.

Josh Rehman

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