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From Josh Rehman <>
Subject Re: manager app "No context exists for path /"
Date Mon, 09 Feb 2004 19:43:13 GMT
Anthony Gray wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'm trying to use the manager app (via /manager/html) so that I can 
> restart/stop/start apps, however I'm getting the message "No context 
> exists for path /" when I try to stop/restart the app.  I'm using linux, 
> tomcat 5.0.16, apache 2.0.47 and jk2 2.0.2, and My directory structure 
> is like the following :
> jsp files : /home/<user>/www/
> classes : /home/<user>/www/WEB-INF/classes/myjsp/
> The web.xml in /home/<user>/www/WEB-INF/ doesn't have anything defined 
> within the <web-app> directives, the app does not seem to require it for 
> running.  I have tried inserting the class names in here but it didn't 
> seem to help (also I'm a newbie and I didn't really know what I was doing).
> The app runs fine and the jakarta help for the error message is "There 
> is no deployed application on the context path that you specified.".
> How can I make the manager app see my application ?

I've not seen this exact error, but I have seen some "no contexts exist" 
messages (and general broken-ness) after mucking about with server.xml. 
I would suggest deploying with the manager, to make sure the app config 
is correct, and trying again.

Josh Rehman

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