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From Antonio Fiol Bonnín <>
Subject Re: tomcat 5. some basic questions
Date Sun, 08 Feb 2004 08:17:58 GMT

That depends mostly on your application. When we developed our app, some 
developers used 4.1.27 and other 5.0.16 (IIRC), and the app is 
compatible with both. I do not recall needing to make a special effort 
to keep compatibility. So you still may have hope ;-)

Main difference, in our case, was the place where we configured our 
connection pool: server.xml in one case, and context.xml in the other. 
Other than that, nothing impressive.


Antonio Fiol

Hernani Mourão wrote:

>You will experience a lot of problems making the applications running in
>this new version. I had everything ok and running under Tomcat 4.1.x and I
>made the terrible mistake of changing the version. It seems it is due to the
>way the context.xml is supposed to work in this new version. I am not an
>expert, and I have seen a lot of debate but on this list but I was not good
>enough to get any conclusion yet and my application is not running yet. It's
>driving me nuts . . . . .
>Be very careful with your decision, and good luck to u. I did not have any.
>. . .
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Dionisio Ruiz de Zarate []
>Sent: sábado, 7 de Fevereiro de 2004 13:17
>Subject: tomcat 5. some basic questions
>i have one machine in production mode with apache 2 and tomcat 4.1.29.
>i am thinkin for using tomcat 5.
>i have several questions:
>1.- the tomcat 5 configuration i diferent, comparing with the tomcat 4.1.29
>configurarion? (vitual domains, db connecion pools using Commons DBCP..)
>2.- when i try to download the tomcat i see that there is:
>Tomcat 5.0.18 zip PGP MD5
>5.0.18 Deployer zip PGP MD5
>5.0.18 Embed zip PGP MD5
>what are the two last ?(5.0.18 Deployer zip PGP MD5, 5.0.18 Embed zip PGP
>MD5 ) i need it for using tomcat in production mode?
>for connection apache2 with tomcat 4.1.29 i download the connectors sourcrs,
>i compile them..... for using tomcat 5 this step is diferent?
>thanks for reading my question and thanks for your help
>Sorry for my bad english

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