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From "John B. Moore" <>
Subject Re: System.out.println, Where art thou?
Date Sat, 07 Feb 2004 17:20:55 GMT
Correction it is 4.1.28 not 4.1.18... sorry..

John B. Moore wrote:

> Moved up to Tomcat 4.1.18 (from 3.x) and I've seemed to have lost the
> ability to see stdout statments in the log files.. In addition my
> Log4j loging output failing to appear. (another issue, but maybe
> related..)
> what is most puzzling at this point is that basic
> System.out.printlin("some text here...");
> ..does not appear ANYWHERE!!! An obviously I need to resolve this
> issue first.. (as it may provide some hints as to what is happening to
> the configuration of Log4j..since I use basic out.println to debug the
> various configuration settings. )
> I'm assuming/hopping I need to turn something on... (that was
> formerly default on in the previous version I was using)
> I added a SystemOutLogger to both the Host context and the specific
> webapp context.. nada.. (all that did was log stuff that was already
> showing up)..
> what is interesting is that when I use Tomcat "IN" JBuilder (version
> 4.1.27) all the logging shows up and all the expected log files show
> up.. Looking at the server.xml that is generated by JBuilder I can
> not see that it is setting anything "special"... obviously something
> is different.
> So.. anyone have any ideas as to how to surface the output of the
> basic "System.out.println"...???
> Any clues as to what I can try next is appreciated..
> John..
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