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From Nikola Milutinovic <>
Subject Re: Slow Java app on Tomcat with a 667 MHz CPU
Date Fri, 06 Feb 2004 10:00:56 GMT
Holger Klawitter wrote:

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>>All of these are running Tomcat 4.1.29 or 4.1.12.  I recently tried to
>>deploy it to the "test web server" at my client and it runs dreadfully
>>slow.  It takes almost 30 seconds to load a page.  The main difference
>>is that the test web server has a 667 MHz CPU.  It has 512 MB RAM, and
>>we upgraded it to 1 GB, but that didn't help at all.
> I have 750MHz 256MB RAM (Linux with postgres,tomcat,X) running just fine.
> Perhaps your disk is the bottleneck. (DMA, fragmentation, ...)
> Also, java naming issues may make pages load dead slow if the remote host does 
> not resolve.

30 secs to load a page? That is TOO slow to be Tomcat's or WebApp's fault. I'd 
go check DNS resolving. It has got to be something system related.


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