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From Aadi Deshpande <>
Subject Administering and monitoring under TC 5
Date Thu, 05 Feb 2004 16:03:02 GMT

Hello all,

There's much talk about how TC5 is JMX-enabled, so I'm wondering what 
tools are available for monitoring and administering a TC5 server.

I've checked out the manager application and it provides some basic 
information ( such as sessions ), but I was wondering what people's 
experiences were with more detailed tools ( if any exist ).

Particularly, I'm looking for monitoring software that will let me view 
the number of sessions, and how active my JNDI datasource are ( how many 
connections in the pool, how many active, etc.. ).

The manager app gives you the ability to get the number of sessions, 
but  Datasources must be listed in the globalresources section,  and to 
date, I haven't figured out how to describe a Resource/ResourceParams  
in the GlobalNamingResources section and still utilize it in my context 
( I've had to  list it under the Context that I wish to utilize it for 
).  If anyone has any hints in this department, that would be very helpful.

Finally, I'd like to know if it's possible to set up TC5 to be a 
JMX-enabled "server" in such a fashion that you can access it remotely 
using some tool like MC4J, and if so where  I can find some 
documentation wrt. setting this up.

Again, thanks for any input you may have.


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