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From Antonio Fiol BonnĂ­n <>
Subject Re: mod_jk as a load balancer - Am I missing something obvious?
Date Thu, 05 Feb 2004 06:23:08 GMT
Thank you, Dave.

>>Do jvmRoutes need to have the same name as the workers? 
>Yes, they do.

Then that means I cannot have two AJP connectors on each Tomcat.

Proposed setup is, then:
Worker names are "t1" and "t2"
Load balancer name is "t":
t --> t1, t2
t1 --> tomcat 1 port X (jvmRoute="t1")
t2 --> tomcat 2 port X (jvmRoute="t2")

On Apache I have:
<VirtualHost hostname:80>
JkMount /myapp/* t
#was "a"
<VirtualHost hostname:443>
JkMount /myapp/* t
#was "b"

Or, if we remove the hassle of load balancing, I can just "JkMount 
/myapp/* t1", which is what I initially had (several months ago). But 

How do I get request.isSecure() and request.getScheme() working 
properly? I.e. How can I detect whether the user is coming in through 
HTTP or HTTPS? They ALWAYS return "false" and "http" respectively, 
regardless of what protocol the user used.

Previously, I did it by adding secure="true" scheme="https" to one 
connector on each Tomcat. Now I cannot, as I only have one connector!!

Thank you for any further guidance.

Antonio Fiol

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