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From Sam Seaver <>
Subject Re: [Fwd: Catalina suspends for no reason?!?]
Date Wed, 04 Feb 2004 21:26:40 GMT

but i dont quite get it, here's the command from

      -Djava.endorsed.dirs="$JAVA_ENDORSED_DIRS" -classpath "$CLASSPATH" \
"$CATALINA_HOME"/../../jakarta-tomcat-4.0/catalina/src/share \ \"$CATALINA_BASE"/conf/catalina.policy \
      -Dcatalina.base="$CATALINA_BASE" \
      -Dcatalina.home="$CATALINA_HOME" \"$CATALINA_TMPDIR" \
      org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap "$@" start

and here's the resulting process listed by `ps -efH | grep catalina`:

monster   9665     1  0 15:02 pts/2    00:00:08   
-Djava.endorsed.dirs=/usr/local/tomcat/common/endorsed -classpath 

so thought it's cut off, the process is exactly what 
started, so why doesnt stop it?

My second question as follows, what exactly do you mean by 'my 
application or 3rd party libraries it uses'? Are you saying that if I 
use some external jars in my web applications WEB-INF/lib/ directory, 
then I have to make sure their use is discontinued, seperately from

Lastly, it seems as if making sure all threads are started as daemons is 
the best way to go but I dont know how to do that?

Sam Seaver

Shapira, Yoav wrote:

>>However, I have come to realise that on occaison, the 'stop' command
>>does not work, and when I restart, I thereafter create two copies of
>>original tomcat. this should not be possible because the first tomcat
>>should be using the same port, and thus blocking the restart, but
>>somehow, the restart does happen??
>>When I stop the second process, then tomcat officially stops working,
>>even though the original process is still runnning.
>>Has this happened to anyone else?
>You likely have non-daemon threads that prevent the JVM from existing.
>Tomcat shuts its own threads down, including the listeners, so the ports
>are available for other processes, and you can start another tomcat.
>But the first JVM instance can't exit.
>You are responsible for shutting down threads started by your
>application or 3rd party libraries it uses.  Alternatively, make all
>your threads daemons, or add shutdown code in a context listener or a
>JVM shutdown hook.
>Yoav Shapira
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