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From Sam Seaver <>
Subject Catalina suspends for no reason?!?
Date Wed, 04 Feb 2004 16:38:16 GMT
I have Catalina Tomcat 4.1.24 connected via jk2 to Httpd 2.0.47 on RH9.

It seems every now and then, tomat just simply hangs.  When I try to 
shutdown the Catalina process via, it doesnt remove the 
process?! So I have to 'kill -15' it, then start up catalina again.

I get very little information as to what happened, but checking jkstatus 
I can see where the requests stopped in the scoreboard. It's hard to 
tell sometimes, because httpd serves up the html pages just fine, but 
its only when I try to access a *.jsp page that i realise catalina is 
hanging again.

The only errors I get are from httpd as listed below:

[Wed Feb 04 09:37:47 2004] [error] msgAjp.receive(): Bad signature 00
[Wed Feb 04 09:37:47 2004] [error] channelSocket.receive(): Bad header
[Wed Feb 04 09:37:47 2004] [error] workerEnv.processCallbacks() Error 
reading reply
[Wed Feb 04 09:37:47 2004] [error] ajp13.service() ajpGetReply 
recoverable error 120000
[Wed Feb 04 09:37:47 2004] [error] connect failed 111 Connection refused
[Wed Feb 04 09:37:47 2004] [error] ajp13.connect() failed 
[Wed Feb 04 09:37:47 2004] [error] ajp13.service() failed to connect 
endpoint errno=111 Connection refused

all these lines are repeated numerous times but at the exact same time, 
to the second, when i tried accessing the JSP page.

Previously, tomcat would hang on a sunday morning, and I disabled the 
jk2 logging feature and it seems to fix this, but it has now since 
hanged again.

Does anyone have any idea what is happening?

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