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From Vitor Buitoni <>
Subject Re: Installing Tomcat 5 from JPackage
Date Wed, 04 Feb 2004 11:19:17 GMT
To be able to install tomcat rpm package, you must install a lot of 
other packages that tomcat depends on, first.
I already did this once, and for me it was very time consuming and it 
wasn't easy at all. This is because JPackager can't provide some 
packages as binary packages, because of copyright restrictions. So you 
have to download the "nosrc" rpm from jpackage, download the source code 
from the software site (e.g. and build the rpm from the 
scratch. Then you can install this rpm.
The whole process might be very painful, at least for me it was, since i 
had to learn something about the rpm creation process. :-)

So, the REAL question is :
- Does anybody know the advantage of installing a tomcat rpm package??

Joe Tseng wrote:

>I recently installed Fedore Core 1 and was advised to install Tomcat 5
>from JPackage using yum.  When I tried to install to do this I got an
>error like this:
>Resolving dependencies
>...identicla dependency loop exceeded
>package tomcat5 needs jaas (not provided)
>package tomcat5 needs jaf >= 0:1.0.1 (not provided)
>package tomcat5 needs javamail >= 0:1.3 (not provided)
>Any useful assistance in helping out a noob with installation is appreciated.

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