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From Josh Rehman <>
Subject Re: Apache2, Mod_jk2 and Tomcat 4 on Linux - Help
Date Tue, 03 Feb 2004 19:44:23 GMT
There are lots of resources on the net. Do a search. I don't have any 
links handy or I'd post 'em.

One word of advice: avoid installing a unique tomcat user. Just install 
it as your user name and not as root. As you develop and start/stop 
tomcat, log files and other things are generated with your UID. This 
essentially prevents you from using that special tomcat user anyway, so 
may as well avoid it.

chown -R user:user $CATALINA_HOME
chmod -R g+rwx user:user $CATALINA_HOME

is your friend. :)

(In production, having a tomcat user is a Good Idea - but not for 
development IMHO)

I don't know about the connector stuff. However, I do know that it is 
hard to integrate tomcat with the whole runlevel service thing while 
having it integrated with Apache. But then, I haven't spent serious time 
on that. I run tomcat stand-alone mostly. I would consider running with 
apache and a connector to be an "advanced topic" and I am certainly not 
advanced. Yet.

Apahce Tomact wrote:

>I want to configure Apache2, Mod_jk2 and Tomcat 4 on Linux. If any body
>has any procedure, Please send me.
>I have done this in Windows environment successfully and Struggling to
>configure on Linux.
>Your help is greatly appreciated.
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