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From Bernhard Wraase>
Subject Re: jsvc and -config?
Date Tue, 03 Feb 2004 07:41:53 GMT
> With the old startup script (, there's a -config parameter to 
As far as I can see there is no parameter in the in tomcat 
> pass in a specific server.xml to use.  Is there an equivalent parameter 
> with jsvc?  If not, is there any way to achieve the same objective?
Here is the list of options:
./jsvc -help
Usage: jsvc [-options] class [args...]

Where options include:

     -jvm <JVM name>
         use a specific Java Virtual Machine. Available JVMs:
     -cp / -classpath <directories and zip/jar files>
         set search path for service classes and resouces
     -home <directory>
         set the path of your JDK or JRE installation (or set
         the JAVA_HOME environment variable)
         show the current Java environment version (to check
         correctness of -home and -jvm. Implies -nodetach)
     -help / -?
         show this help page (implies -nodetach)
         don't detach from parent process and become a daemon
         verbosely print debugging information
         only check service (implies -nodetach)
         user used to run the daemon (defaults to current user)
         enable verbose output
     -outfile </full/path/to/file>
         Location for output from stdout (defaults to /dev/null)
         Use the value '&2' to simulate '1>&2'
     -errfile </full/path/to/file>
         Location for output from stderr (defaults to /dev/null)
         Use the value '&1' to simulate '2>&1'
     -pidfile </full/path/to/file>
         Location for output from the file containing the pid of jsvc
         (defaults to /var/run/
         set a Java system property
         set Virtual Machine specific option

HTH Bernhard

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