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From "John Beamon" <>
Subject per-user, per-app logging in dev environment
Date Tue, 17 Feb 2004 13:06:42 GMT
I've got John and Bob working on the same project under a cvs tree


I set up Contexts for each of those projects, each with a Logger for
logging to separate per-user directories.


During Tomcat startup, the construction of each app goes to these two
logs.  Every action performed by these two apps, though, appends to
catalina.out.  All the database calls, all the processing to produce
pages, all the stuff these two developers NEED to see goes into a combined

First, is there something more specific I can do with a standard Logger
statement or some other system-out collector?  Second, is something like
log4j my only recourse, something that will require my developers to go
back and integrate it into their apps?  There must be somebody using this
in a development environment like this.  I'd appreciate some help.

Tomcat-4.1.27, Red Hat Linux 7.3 + up2date, Sun j2sdk-1.4.1.  Thanks much.



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