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From Merrill Cornish <>
Subject RE: Another Try at MySQL Connection Pooling
Date Wed, 11 Feb 2004 15:52:05 GMT

Thanks for your comments.

I think the problem may be that I don't have the MySQL Connector/J jar in the common/lib.
 When using DriverManager, it worked fine in jre/lib/ext, which is one of the places the MySQL
documentation recommended.  I need to try again with it in the new location.

Also under DriverManager, the named pipe access worked as advertised. The MySQL instance will
be dedicated to my timesheet application and running on the same machine as Tomcat.  For security
reasons, I don't want MySQL accepting commands over TCP/IP.  There is a my.cnf initialization
parameter which tells MySQL to not even start up its TCP/IP listener and used named pipes
instead.  This obviously only works when MySQL is on the same machine as the application,
but that's my situation.

The named resource factory stuff was carried over from what worked under DriverManager.  However,
if may have been redundant, but harmless, under DriverManger too, and I just didn't notice.

One general problem I'm having with the document I can find is that it tends to simply say,
"do THIS..." without explaining how "THIS" is doing what it's supposed to be doing.  As a
result, I'm having trouble reasoning as to what should and should not work. Instead, I'm reduced
to plugging in the examples and hoping they work.


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