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From "Jeremy Boyd" <>
Subject Apache/Tomcat/SSL vs. Tomcat/SSL
Date Wed, 04 Feb 2004 21:41:57 GMT
Hi all-

I searched through the archives to see if this question has already been =
asked and answered.  I did not find anything, but forgive me if I missed =
the answer.

I am wondering what the general consensus is regarding SSL performance =
in both Apache and Tomcat.  I am interested in deploying Tomcat and my =
application requires SSL.  I am debating whether I should access Tomcat =
through the AJP connector using Apache, thus allowing Apache to handle =
all of the SSL traffic or whether it is better to deploy Tomcat in =
standalone mode and allow Tomcat to fulfill requests and handle the SSL =

My thought is that since Apache is written in C it may be more efficient =
to have Apache handle the SSL.  However, I am not sure if the overhead =
of the connector would negate any performance benefits gained from =
having Apache handle the SSL rather than Tomcat.  If performance is the =
same or only marginally better with Apache then I am not sure if the =
added complexity of having Apache in the equation is warranted.  I have =
not benchmarked to see if there is actually a performance difference.  =
Does anyone have an opinion on this or any benchmarks they could share?

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