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From "John Sidney-Woollett" <>
Subject Re: TC 5.0.18 RequestDespatcher bug?
Date Fri, 13 Feb 2004 14:17:39 GMT
Tim Funk said:
> Without digging, I can't say if its a bug. BUT... There is no need to
> encode the URL if the action is a RequestDispatcher.forward(). Only one
> session may be associated with the live of a single request so once the
> session is there in the request, its there no matter how many times in
> the same request you do a RequestDispatcher.forward(). Encoding the URL
> is only needed for sending redirects back to the client or for links on
> pages.

Thanks for the clarification - I'll remove the call to URLEncode for these

Might still be a bug though... ;)


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