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From Merrill Cornish <>
Subject Re: Another Try at MySQL Connection Pooling
Date Wed, 11 Feb 2004 22:26:20 GMT

The application directory under webapps is named "timesheet", therefore, the context fragment
in conf/Catalina/localhost is "timesheet.xml" to match the context name.  The beginning of
the <Context> element in timesheet.xml is

   <Context path="/timesheet" docBase="timesheet"  . . . >

to match the directory name under webapps.  So, I think  as far as Tomcat  goes, I've got
it consistently as "timesheet".

The class name under webapps/timesheet/WEB_INF/classes is "Timesheet" to follow the Java capitalization
conventions of class names.  Therefore, "Timesheet" appears in my web.xml as the prefix to
the various <servlet-class> names, but nowhere else.

Now, as for the MySQL database, I named it "Timesheets" (note the capital and the plural).
 My logic being that  the application was for doing a single timesheet at a time while the
database was for recording all the timesheets at once. (Yes, I'm anal.  I know.  :-) ).

The database name shows up in the url parameter: jdbc:mysql://localhost/Timesheets?...   In
that case the plural is critical, but the capitalization isn't (in my case) since a MySQL
database name is merely a file name and file names in Windows are case insensitive.  Nevertheless,
I've got it matching.  As far as I can tell, this URL is the only place in the Tomcat configuration
files that the name of the MySQL database appears.  Unless...

Now we come to 

   <Resource name="jdbc/TimesheetsDB" ... />
   <ResourceParams name="jdbc/TimesheetsDB"> ... </ResourceParams>

I was just reading up on the JNI naming conventions from a link someone gave me when I stopped
to check my mail again.  As nearly as I can tell, the "jdbc" part of the "jdbc/TimesheetsDB"
is magic, and it must be that to work.  However, the "TimesheetsDB" part can be anything you
want as long as the name attributes in <Resource> and <ResourceParams> matches.
 Therefore, I used "Timesheets" to reflect the MySQL database name and "DB" just because the
first example I saw used that suffix.

I think I've got all that consistent, but if DataSource is supposed to be the way to go in
the future for JDBC, it shouldn't be this hard.

By the way, I do appreciate the time you're spending thinking about my problem.


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