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From Jerald Powel <>
Subject Re: RE : encodeURL / jsessionid
Date Fri, 27 Feb 2004 00:44:00 GMT


    Thanks for that. can you tell me then the purpose of jessionid - (methods encodeURL and
getRequestedSessionId)? It seems a bit strange to pass the session around while in the session.

     The purpose of the original post was due to a problem persisting an object across contexts.
Unfortunately for me it was 'larger' than a String and could not be appended to the URL string
(unless I manually pulled all fields from the object and passed them on the query string).
Shiver.  Does any one have a solution to persisting complex objects across contexts? 

many thanks




Yup, it used to be in the spec and implemented in j2ee container.
But it's now gone since considered to be "bad design".
You have no direct solution to share sessions between webapps.
You can only share data through an external DataSource both webapp are 
to read/write to (file, db, ejb, etc.) 
Or you consider this is the same application and you merge sources to 
a unique webapp...

Of course if your only concern is about sharing login validation, any 
framework will do the job, tomcat provides one.



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