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From Merrill Cornish <>
Subject Re: Another Try at MySQL Connection Pooling
Date Wed, 11 Feb 2004 17:43:13 GMT

I THINK I've figure out that MySQL's Connector/J jar worked in jre/lib/ex when I was using
DriverManager because only MySQL needed to see it, and it knew to look in jre/lib/ex.  However,
with DataSource, I'm assuming it's Tomcat who needs to see it, so it needs to be in Tomcat's

So I put Connect/J's jar in common/lib--and it still failed in the same manner.

I'm wondering if the actual error message MIGHT be giving a clue.  It says "Name jdbc is not
bound in this Context" when the only thing that EVER appears in any of the XML is "jdbc/TimesheetsDB".

  * Does this imply that "jdbc/TimesheetsDB" is wrong and the entries should be something
like simply "TimesheetsDB"?

   * Does this imply that "jdbc" has to be declared in some manner before "jdbc/TimesheetsDB"
can be declared?


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