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From Kenneth <>
Subject RE: Another Try at MySQL Connection Pooling
Date Wed, 11 Feb 2004 22:42:24 GMT
Well, it's not that I'm an expert...  I actually have had that problem
once or twice, and most of the time the problem was in the context.xml

I've always specified my webapps' <Context> in a separated file (which I
believe you're also doing), but when I messed up with server.xml I had
some namingExceptions like that one.

I saw then that I was defining a <Resource> element OUTSIDE the
<Context> scope.  Once, it was from a completely different webapp
(oooops!) and later on, I has the same error when trying to access a
<Resource> created my the admin webapp.

So, since then, I always code manually the <Resource> element inside the
<Context> in my context.xml.  It kept me out of trouble so far, and no
more namingExceptions...  Maybe it's a coincidence, maybe that's not why
you're getting that Exception, but it's worth a check up.  Make sure
your Resource is inside the Context and, just in case, code it again
(don't copy/paste, just in case).  If that's not working, you'll only
have wasted 15 minutes...

Good luck!


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