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From "Jeff Tulley" <>
Subject Re: Tomcat - Automatically writes a session?
Date Tue, 20 Jan 2004 19:58:53 GMT
Verify in your JSP's .java file that sessions are really being turned
off.  Look to see if there is a 

Also, I think the call to 
pageContext = _jspxFactory.getPageContext(.....

Needs to have "false" as the 3rd to last argument.

>>> 1/20/04 12:39:54 PM >>>
Neal wrote:

>I used the tag "<%@page session="false"%>" which does appear correct,
>but I'm still seeing that header:
>"Set-Cookie: JSESSIONID=97C8777F16379B8EC2CD17273CE35C3C; Path=/"
>There are two reasons why I want to get rid of this:
>1. I assume I'm waiting server resources holding open a session for
>every user, unnecessarily.
>2. I've been told this may prevent Google from properly spidering the
>Can you please shed any more light on how to fix this potential

Probably not, but I will try...

Did you clear the cookies on your browser? If the browser is saying
XXX is my session ID", then, (iif that session exists), tomcat is free

of saying "Hi! keep your session ID, which is XXX"

Other than that, no idea. I have never struggled to avoid cookies. 
Sorry. I was only echoing something I have read in the past.

Antonio Fiol

Jeff Tulley  (
Novell, Inc., The Leading Provider of Net Business Solutions

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