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From "Howard Watson" <>
Subject Re: virtual hosting and tomcat wt Apache 2 and JK2
Date Fri, 16 Jan 2004 06:33:50 GMT
Are the Apache connector properties set to match the connector you defined in server.xml? And
is a <Location> the right place to set a worker property?

>>> 01/15/04 21:56 PM >>>
Dear usergroup, 

When I activated the following in my Apache 2 config within the VirtualHost
block for <Location "/">

JkUriSet worker ajp13:localhost:8009


ALL of my virtual hosts stopped working and started complaining of not being
able to find /index.jsp

It is like the <Location "/"> wasn't confined to the VirtualHost but rather
became a server wide configuration.

When I activated the apache<-->tomcat connection it took over ALL of the
virtual hosts and was routing them through Tomcat, does anyone know how to
stop that?
Is it my Apache 2 and JK2 connectors, where do I turn now?
Thank you in advance,

Brennon Obst 

Java Security Programmer
iEnergy Main Branch 
39 Melbourne St. / Brisbane 
p. (617) 3846-6666 


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