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From "Howard Watson" <>
Subject Re: LogSetter in <Context>
Date Thu, 15 Jan 2004 19:10:26 GMT
Thanks for the reply:

I'm using Tomcat3.3.1a for Netware. Took a look at what you talked
about and had the same problems. But, I did learn a little more about
the problem. Apparently, I was hacking the context file, deleting log
files and restarting Tomcat before results were being written.

The problem is not a failure to write to the log, but that it is taking
about 5 minutes after restarting Tomcat before it will write to the log.
Then I have exit out of the browser, start a new browser session and
recreate the error. It then writes everything for that 5 minutes and up
to the most recent error. 

Later, if I generate an error in a new browser session it will write
that one error, but if I generate multiple errors in a browser session
(the same error) I have to start a new browser session, recreate the
error and then it writes all the missing errors including the most
current one.


>>> 01/14/04 11:31PM >>>
Using the CVS HEAD (aka 3.3.2-dev), I have no problems with the
setup (which defines a <LogSetter> in the 'examples' Context).

"Howard Watson" <> wrote in message
> Does any know of good document or a tutorial for using LogSetter
> a Tomcat3.3 <Context>? The log file is created but nothing is written
> it.
> I've searched the list and the Internet and find nothing explicit
> using name= or servletLogger= in <Context><LogSetter /></Context>.
> If I don't use LogSetter within the <Context>; servlet:inits are
> written and getServletContext().log("Test ServertLog:  ", eSQL);
> an error to the <ContextManager> servlet_log correctly.
> Any ideas?

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