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From "Howard Watson" <>
Subject Re: OT?:Can't include .js file on jsp page controlled by front controller servlet
Date Mon, 12 Jan 2004 17:24:01 GMT
What does the js in your JSP do and how are you including it? Some text
from your JSP might help.

>>> 01/12/04 09:58AM >>>
I may be getting in over my head here as I'm really not all that
with patterns. And I'm not sure that the pattern has anything to do
problem. But I have a controller servlet through which all web requests
pass. It has worked fine as is. Until I tried to include a .js file on
a jsp
page. In that case it seems to either print it out to page, rather
execute it, or it tries to use requestDispatcher portion of controller
servlet to forward/include it. Normally the requestDispatcher forwards
request to the requested page after it checks to see if user is logged
But now it seems to go into an infinite loop when forwarding. And  I
it's trying to use requestDispather.include because the .js resource
included via a "src='http:...' " request. I know that this is a very
question but I wonder if anyone has any clues as to where the problem
lie or what I can start experimenting with.

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