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From Tsirkin Evgeny <>
Subject Re: multiuser tomcat environment
Date Sun, 04 Jan 2004 23:21:38 GMT
Many thanks for your reply.
Does your solution works with NIS?

Also I have found on the server config site that :
	"The operating system username under which Catalina is executed MUST
	have read access to each user's web application directory, and all of its 
In my case that probably means that I will have to run Catalina as root.
Are there any known security problems with that?

About implementing my own manager ,I am not realy a java programmer
Does anybody knows about such a thing already done?

On Fri, 02 Jan 2004 11:00:24 -0500, Tim Downey <> wrote:

>  >> The main perpose of the server - a programming course,the
>  >> students should develope their projects on it.
>  >> Students probably should be able to do the folowing:
>  >> [1] deploy/redeply/reload their applications
> Using Tomcat as a stand-alone server, you can create a ~ directory for 
> each
> user in /etc/passwd. Add a Listener for UserConfig in the Host.
>  >> [2] they should NOT be able to do the same for the
>  >>    other students applications
> The ~ directories have individual user access privileges.
>  >> [3] they can't restart the server ,of course, since
>  >>     students don't have root access.
> I am unfamiliar with creating a new manager, but it seems that you should
> be able to write a servlet that can only be accessed by registered users.
> This servlet will send stop/start for a particular user's web app 
> directory.
> It is possible to send messages to the manager via HTTP. Your servlet
> will need to authenticate as the manager, and then send the correct HTTP
> request.
> Perhaps someone else has a slicker solution. I would love to hear it.
>  >> So,using manager app is not appropriate - that way all the
>  >> students will be able to manage all the application.

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