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From Thomas Kellerer <>
Subject Re: "Silent" install of Tomcat on Windows?
Date Wed, 07 Jan 2004 17:08:45 GMT
Mike Kellstrand schrieb:

> I've poked around a bit, but could find any info on this ...
> The standard Tomcat installer for Windows asks a number of
> questions during the install.  Are there command-line parameters or
> any other way to invoke the process from a batch file with all the
> required settings (like install dir, and to install as a service) 
> so it could be an "unattended" install?
> The purpose is that I would like to bundle up Tomcat, Java, my webapps,
> and some other things into a nice installer.
> I can certainly just invoke the Tomcat installer from the main installer,  
> but it would be nice for the user not to have to answer install questions
> that could be pre-configured.
> Thanks,  Mike
Why don't you just use the zip archive and unpack it silently into the desired 
target directory?


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