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From Giuliano Gavazzi <>
Subject Re: it's a bit too much
Date Mon, 12 Jan 2004 16:43:55 GMT
Sender: <>
Errors-To: <>

At 3:44 pm +0000 2004/01/12, Graham Reeds wrote:
>  > Sorry, but I think I will have to leave this list shortly. I am bored
>>  of getting two bounces for each message I send to it.  Adding to the
>>  bogus Symantec Mail Security I now get a bounce for
>>  (User unknown).
>I just got the bounce as well in addition to the RadTools responder.

cant we do anything to avoid this? Wouldn't an Errors To: header 
redirect the bounces to somewhere more useful (like 
the-part-where-the-sun-does-not-shine of whoever ignored to 
unsubscribe itself from the list...)?
Perhaps is because this list has got a very large user base, but, 
from this point of view, it is the most annoying list I ever 
joined... sigh!

This is my proposal:

Sender: <>
Errors-To: <>

[that I naively added to the top of this email... it will not work of course!]


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