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From Giuliano Gavazzi <>
Subject Re: MOD_JK2 also Fails aaaggggg@###!!!
Date Sat, 03 Jan 2004 03:02:48 GMT
At 1:36 pm +1100 2004/01/03, George Shafik wrote:
>Yep - didn't get past first base - no make file generated!

look, also on MacOSX (BSD based then) it seems impossible to make the 
build process work. What I did, following the same step as a couple 
years back, is to use apxs directly. On MacOSX one also needs some 
extra files (dlcompat) that I don't think are required on Linux. If 
you like you could get the compilation scripts from my page and see how I called apxs.

I think the options passed to the compiler and linker will have to be 
changed, they are  -Wc,"-bundle -undefined suppress -flat_namespace" 
-Wl,"-bind_at_load" for MacOSX. They should not be different from 
those required to compile any other apache module I guess! Also the 
path to the Java includes will be different, but that's easy.

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Java & C++ Server/Client/Human Interface applications on MacOS - MacOS X

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