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From Oscar Carrillo <>
Subject RE: Have some questions, also possible contract work up for grabs
Date Sun, 04 Jan 2004 02:16:55 GMT

> >Do any hosting companies offer reasonably priced colocation or flexible 
> >accounts with tomcat, php, and mysql installed?  The IT company I work for has 
> >developed a great piece of software using JSP and Java technology but we need 
> >to get it onto a good box for production use.
> >
> Waste of money and time. As someone else said - build your own and 
> co-locate if necessary. Even if you did manage to get someone able to 
> install/support tomcat and mysql, you'd probably pay through the nose 
> for actual support (i.e. when something goes down). Far better to be in 
> total control. PC's are not expensive, and a good OS 
> (unix/linux/solaris) is not expensive. Co-locate? probably expensive, 
> but still cheaper than what you would pay for REAL hosting (i.e. that 
> worked when things broke). Cost of building your own and KNOWING what's 
> going on... priceless.

Co-locating can be pretty cheap, but someone has to setup all the stuff.  
Whether you do it yourself, or pay someone, all depends on your needs. I
agree with you on handling your own installation, but there is a trade-off
of time obviously.

> >
> >Does anyone here offer services such as using SSH to install Tomcat remotely?  
> >We would be willing to pay for someone to install Tomcat in a short timeframe. 
> >
> I doubt it. Most ISP's cannot even support PHP or perl, let alone 
> tomcat/mysql/java.

Some ISPs will, but you are probably better getting a sub-contractor who 
has a relationship with the ISP. Your small-to-medium datacenters I think 
are better for this.

> > 
> >
> >The ideal person would be someone that knows Tomcat installation quite well.  
> >We have installed it on a couple boxes,  but usually by a lot of trial and 
> >error.  We would like to get it up and running properly very quickly.
> >
> Sorry to say this, but spend time with the docs and spend time doing the 
> builds yourself.
> >
> >If anyone is interested, please send me an email and I can send you the 
> >details.  I apologize in advance if this is not the place for an email like 
> >this.  I figured this was probably one of the best places for an experienced 
> >Tomcat userbase.
> >
> As long as you don't want to integrate Apache and Tomcat, you can email 
> me. I will not put both on the same machine, after finding that the web 
> server was killing tomcat performance (due to the number of web hits). I 
> split Apache off to it's own server, and used a simple firewall 
> (appliance) to forward port 80 requests to one machine, with port 443 
> (SSL) to the tomcat server. Secure application access, no hit from the 
> web server.

Some people like me don't have Apache doing much except passing the 
request over to Tomcat. In this case, I doubt it would benefit much to 
have Apache on a different box. I like Apache mostly for the more tested 
environment and handling of SSL, Virtual Hosts, etc.


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