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Subject Re: running tomcat5 as a user other than root
Date Tue, 13 Jan 2004 13:12:45 GMT
pablo> I am trying to run tomcat 5 as any user other than root on my
pablo> sun box so that I can configure mod_jk2 using unix sockets
pablo> rather than channel sockets.  (reference
pablo> ).
pablo> I have tried doing many things in my init scripts like a "su -c
pablo> tomcat $TOMCAT_HOME/bin/" but I have been
pablo> unsuccessful.  I know it is probably something stupid or simple
pablo> that I am just missing , but I am just not seeing it.  If any
pablo> of you know how to do this and would like to share how , I
pablo> would greatly appreciate it.

This is just a silly observation:

  su -c tomcat $TOMCAT_HOME/bin/

Usually, -c as a su option means that the next argument is a command.
Maybe try

  su tomcat -c $TOMCAT_HOME/bin/



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