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Subject Re: Telnet test for Tomcat?
Date Tue, 06 Jan 2004 11:22:44 GMT
> I'm trying to access Tomcat from a remote location
> through a DLink 614+ Wireless Hub and firewall.
> I have SSH and FTP port forwaring working fine.
> I know Tomcat is up and running. I can also use
> "links" to browse Tomcat from the command line.
> I cannot seem to access Tomcat from my remove browser.
> I've checked the rules countless times. I am
> forwarding both UDP and TCP packets.
> Is there way to test basic connectivity to Tomcat via
> telnet?
> Is there something about HTTP that I am missing?

Yes, one can test http servers via telnet.  The command line version
looks something like this:

  $ telnet HOSTNAME PORT
  GET / HTTP/1.0


 - HOSTNAME and PORT should be the hostname and port where tomcat is
 - before typing the GET line, wait until your telnet program
   indicates that its established a connection
 - after the GET line, you'll need to press return twice.
   (The format of an http request is one request line, zero or more
   header lines, then a blank line; the example above has
   one request line, and no headers).

If you're using virtual hosting, you'll need to use an HTTP/1.1
request, which has a slightly different format.

  GET / HTTP/1.1

(PHYSICALHOST is the physical hostname or ip address, while
VIRTUALHOST is the name of virtual host that you're trying to reach.
Again, press return twice when done).


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