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From Dolores García-Izquierdo Jaén <>
Subject Calling a JSP from a virtual host
Date Wed, 14 Jan 2004 22:48:56 GMT
 Hi everyone.

I have the next configuration in my server:
- Windows 2000 - sorry, no chance to use Linux :-(
- Apache 2, with some virtual hosts
- Tomcat 1.4, with some JSP webapps
- mod_jk, to communicate Apache and Tomcat.

I have the whole static code in Apache, and the JSP code in Tomcat.
Everything works fine, but I think there is something that it's not going as
it should. I'll explain it:

Let's say I have 3 virtual hosts in Apache: myvirtualhost1 (the primary one,
the "default" one), myvirtualhost2 and myvirtualhost3, and a copy of
index.html and index.jsp pages is inside each of those applications. --> shows ok --> shows ok --> shows ok

And I have 1 webapp defined in Tomcat, myWebapp: --> shows ok

The problem comes here, as I can only call a JSP page through the "default"
website in Apache: or don't work (can't find the
page). The only thing that works is

Is it possible to make this work? How can I call any JSP page in Tomcat from
any of my virtual hosts in Apache?

I've looked for information all over the Internet and the archives of this
mailing list, but I couldn't find any solution (found one but it's only
valid for mod_jk2 - it didn't work for mod_jk)

Thanks in advance

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