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From "Michael Coughlan" <>
Subject RE: Setting Up Tomcat for Multiple Users
Date Sun, 04 Jan 2004 20:51:27 GMT
> I read something on the $CATALINA BASE but don't know how to deploy
> that. Would be grateful for any help given

I am no expert, but I believe $CATALINA BASE would only be helpful if
everyone had his or her own Tomcat server each of which pulled classes and
other files from a base install. That's most useful for clustering.

Netbeans is a free IDE from Sun that comes with it's own internal Tomcat
server bundled inside the IDE. Consider incorporating it in your class.

I am very impressed with it's debugger, and each student might benefit from
breaking and fixing the server.xml. Besides, at some point everyone in
Javaland needs to deal with an IDE.

If you insist on having a central server, then you want something similar to
apache's public_html.

I don't know if Tomcat alone has that functionality, but you might get what
you need by Apache running tomcat as a module.


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