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From "Johan Coens" <>
Subject RE: dramatic performance differences on development machines
Date Fri, 16 Jan 2004 10:57:17 GMT
Hello all,

I tried:

- isolating code in a java class and running it on both machines, about same
- running tomcat 4.1.29, bit faster but still ~15 sec.
- changing network connection to full duplex, 2*faster but stil ~6 sec
(should be < 1 sec). indicates network traffic could be a bottleneck
- running websphere, performance ~600 ms.
- changing java version 1.3.06 to 1.4.1, no reasonable effects
- eliminating all services, no effect

The tested machines:
(the machine which performance is fast, a dev. client) P4 2.4Gh, 512MB
memory, 60Gb harddisk
(the machine which performance is slow, the server) P4 2.4Gh, 1Gb memory,
10Gb harddisk
(the machine which performance is slow, a dev. client) P4 1.8Gh, 512MB
memory, 40Gb harddisk

I see tomcat running high on processor performance, peeks in processor
performance are the same as peeks in the network traffic. But, when running
everything on one box, it is also slow (so network should not be an issue).

Also, the developer on the fast machine noticed that when getting code from
CVS from other developers, his system slowed down signifficant too, but I
have no clue what too look for with this indication.

I hoped to hear a some kind of, hey look into this or look into that, did
you look here, but unfortunattaly there's not. It is also a complex problem
with many factors that could be the cause (network?, language settings os?,
system settings?, file system?, foreign processes which interfere?, ...).

If anyone has got a clue i would be glad too here, meanwhile i'll go look
furher looking for a solution / cause.


-----Original Message-----
From: Nikola Milutinovic []
Sent: 13 January 2004 20:14
To: Tomcat Users List
Subject: Re: dramatic performance differences on development machines

> Unfortunattaly no option, we are bound to a specific java version and
> version to gain support from the supplier...

Then could you just *try* a different version?

If it works, then YELL at your supplier - they would deserve it, sticking to
a buggy version. For that matter, sticking to just one version. Note that
4.1.24 is a RI for Sun's J2EE paltform and so is 5.0.16


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