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From Lukas Österreicher <>
Subject restrictedUserAgents parameter
Date Sat, 24 Jan 2004 23:09:00 GMT

I was recently tipped to try the restrictedUserAgents parameter in the server.xml file.
This parameter however is not correctly implemented in tomcat 5.0.16.
So now I found a (alpha?) compile of tomcat 5.0.18 and I think they have
done work on it because at least the server reacts differently now if I turn it on.

I have added restrictedUserAgents="Winamp" to force http 1.0 replies for
requests of winamp because it apparantly cannot deal with chunked encoding
(at least for ogg).

Without the parameter it would send in http 1.1 and chunked encoding (because
I do not know the content length). With the parameter it would just close the connection.

This is all because for ogg winamp requests in http 1.1.

For mp3 data it requests in http 1.0 and the reply is a continuous datastream
with unknown length.

The strange thing is that in both cases it will send Connection: close, but in case of mp3
it will send a datastream afterwards, in case of ogg it will not.

I had hoped and thought that when I use the restrictedUserAgents parameter it will
force replies to http 1.0 and thus reply like it does with mp3: send an un-cunked audio stream.
Why doesn't it?

Is this option not properly implemented still?

See some http headers for details:

MP3 Request:
GET /yarf/hdm.mp3;jsessionid=893513CC03654D83936718AAB1EEEA8F?trackid=82&file=hdm.mp3
HTTP/1.0..Host: WinampMPEG/2.8..Accept: */*..Icy-
MetaData:1..----------: -----....

MP3 Response:
HTTP/1.1 200 OK..Content-Location: hdm_56k.mp3..Content-Type: audio/x-mpeg..Date: Sat, 24
Jan 2004 22:55:03 GMT..Server: Apache-Coyote/1.1..Connection: close....ÿû Ä.....¤......4ƒ

OGG Request:
GET /yarf/hdm.ogg;jsessionid=893513CC03654D83936718AAB1EEEA8F?trackid=82&file=hdm.ogg

Ogg Response:
HTTP/1.1 200 OK..Content-Location: hdm_28k.ogg..Content-Type: application/ogg..Date: Sat,
24 Jan 2004 22:59:57 GMT..Server: Apache-Coyote/1.1..Connection: close....

The MP3 Response contains also the first few bytes of the real datastream

So my question:
How can I force tomcat reply ogg like it would for mp3?
Theoretically, would it reply like I want to if for ogg it sent a HTTP 1.0 request?
Why does it send Connection: close but send mp3 data afterwards?

Thanx in Advance,

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