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From "D'Alessandro, Arthur" <>
Subject RE: Tomcat reconnect to database server?
Date Wed, 07 Jan 2004 14:48:18 GMT
You may also want to put in a validation query, it adds overhead, but it
forces a reconnection.. I had a similar problem with postgres where the
pooled connections didn't know they were no longer properly connected.
By adding the validation query, it forces the manager to verify
connection before handing the connection down to the requesting code. 


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From: Philipp Taprogge [] 
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Subject: Re: Tomcat reconnect to database server?


I don't know MSSQL in particular, but in princible it should be as
simple as adding ?autoreconnect=true to the driver URL.


Derek Mahar wrote:
> How can I configure Tomcat 5.0.16 to reconnect to a Microsot SQL 
> Server after a server restart?  I have configured Tomcat to use JNDI 
> datasources (through <Resource> and <ResourceParam> elements within 
> <GlobalNamingResources>).  I presume that at startup, Tomcat connects 
> to the server and creates a pool of connections for later use.  
> However, when we restart our server, Tomcat loses its connection(s) 
> and does not re-establish these connections.

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