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From "Chris Ward" <>
Subject Repeated "load-on-startup" niggle
Date Fri, 23 Jan 2004 10:34:02 GMT

Hi all,

In my Tomcat setup I have a Context called "hal" which
contains all my applications, HTML everything.

	<Context path="/hal" docBase="hal" debug="0" privileged="true"

Therefore I run things with a URL such including "/hal" 

Way back when I started with Tomcat I set the "Tomcat Root Context"
to point to the same docBase directory so any requests to "/page.html"
would resolve to "/hal/page.html".

	<!-- Tomcat Root Context -->
	<Context path="" docBase="hal" debug="0"/>

The problem I now have is that all the initialisation of /hal
is run twice.  Once for each context.  Since I have several
servlets with <load-on-startup> set this is a pain.


What is the cleanest way to redirect requests made to "/" to "/hal"?
Can I do this by setting something up in the web.xml file for 
the "/" context.  Then I could remove the docBase="hal".

Best regards

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