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From "Chris Ward" <>
Subject RE: criteria for a session
Date Thu, 08 Jan 2004 10:19:43 GMT
I thought sessions were essentially "browser sessions".  

For anything I've done that requires knowledge of user
state between different browsers (but same machine) I've
used cookies to save some form of user id.

I did turn on the Tomcat setting for persistent sessions
and found that preserved session in the same browser with
a Tomcat reboot.

I guess you could serialise sessions to a DB and retrieve
from user id in a cookie - or am I losing the plot now? 

Best regards

> what are the criteria for tomcat 4.1.26 to say the session is 
> null (((HttpServletRequest)request).getSession(false))?
> It seams to depend on something in the request.
> When i open a second new IE Window, not a child from the 
> first IE Window, the session is null. I dontt call 
> session.invalidate() and the timeout is not reached.
> I know that there are only two reasons for invalidate a session. 
> 1) session.invalidate();
> 2) session timeout
> I thought these where the only reasons.
> Thanks for your help
> G√ľnter

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