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From "Chris Ward" <>
Subject RE: Forms Authentication
Date Thu, 08 Jan 2004 10:08:31 GMT

> <snip> I want to have a login link and a logout link.<snip>

> <snip> how do you tell j_security_check where to go once the
> user has logged in successfully. <snip>

If your application requires the "click here to login"
functionality, where would the user expect to go after 
logging in?  If it's to a generic welcome/login confirmation
page then could you not have that page in a protected url?
(set up in web.xml)

When the user clicks on the "Login" link they will get your
login page based on the url and only successful users will
go to the welcome/login confirmation page

Are you storing other user specific info in cookies that can
be used to determine their post-login destination?  If so you
could make the welcome page a JSP/servlet that is "smart".

If you can do anything programmatic involving j_security_check
let me know, I've asked a couple of times about this myself.

Best regards

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