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From Johan Bång <>
Subject Tomcat RPM for Fedora Core 1
Date Mon, 05 Jan 2004 20:21:49 GMT
Hi everybody.
I'm a tomcat newbie, so I apologize if this question is sent to the 
wrong forum.
I'm looking for a good rpm for tomcat witch will work on Fedora Core 1.

Are there any official RedHat  rpms of tomcat?

I have done some extensive googling but haven't found any rpm package 
that feels
"supported" (will be updated). I found the jpackage website, but their 
tomcat rpm has
to many dependencies (in my opinion).

I bought Tomcat the definite guide from O´reilly, witch have a rpm 
download reference
who doesn't seems to work anymore.

The solution so far is to download the binary distribution and so I 
did, but I would
prefer an rpm installation. Especially when it comes to my deployment 

Could someone please tell me where to find .rpms?

Thanks in advance

-: du missförstår mig om du tror att det är öppet för 
diskussion. :-

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